Over 2.000 members from 25 countries


 The ALT-OPEL club is a club for all fans of the Opel badge. Whether you drive an Opel, you're looking for an

 opel, or you're just interested in Opel in general, you are more than welcome in the club.  


The history of the ALT-OPEL club goes back

to the time when the term "Old-timer" referred exclusively to pre-war automobiles.

The inspiration to also include cars from the

50s and 60s lead to the foundation of the

ALT-OPEL club in 1972.


The common declared aim was to continue the maintenance, care and functional operation of  the entire range of vehicles produced by the company Adam Opel ltd as a sort of historical documentation. This is still the club's aim today.


Since then the ALT-OPEL club has continuously developed and now has more than 2.000 members made up of twenty five different nationalities, and people of all ages and

walks of life.


The club is linked to Adam Opel ltd in and the partnership has been cultivated from the outset as an active dialogue. The array of cooperative projects ranges from automobile-meetings on the occasion of vehicle anniversaries, to exhibitions and to historical research. You can find cars from every epoch in the ALT-OPEL club.


There is a consultant for each individual model range, who is familiar with historical and technical details of the respective model who works voluntarily. At the moment we have 43 such consultants. Replacement parts which are ordinarily no longer manufactured, are produced according to demand in order to maintain members' cars.





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